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What Is SBT Marketplace? links up customers overseas looking for cars with vendors who want to sell their cars!

We have exported over 13,000 vehicles monthly to more than 200 countries worldwide since 1993

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Features of SBT Marketplace

Reasons to choose SBT Marketplace

  • Compliance with import restrictions assured

    Regulations differ and are liable to change at short notice. We handle all compliance checks so you don't have to!

  • We know your target market

    We promote and offer the vehicles in your stock that are most popular in each specific country.

  • Direct access to our worldwide customer base

    We have experienced sales teams dedicated to each country, and familiar with local import regulations, language and customs. They deal directly with our 1 million registered customers across the world.

  • All export procedures will be handled by SBT

    SBT will purchase and collect the vehicle from you, and that's it! We will make all arrangements for export including shipping, inspection, insurance and documentation.

SBT Website

By registering for membership with SBT Marketplace, your listed cars will reach over 2 million users across the world each month. The more users view your cars, the greater your chances of making sales!

SBT Co., Ltd.(SBT CO., LTD.)

Monthly page view number

Over 14 million views

Number of vehicles listed

Over 60,000 units!

Monthly sales volume

Over 13,000 units!

Registered overseas customers

Over 1 million people!

Supported languages

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mongolian, Swahili

It takes less than 2 minutes to register, and registration is 100% free! If you have any questions, please

Transaction flow

Step 1


Sign up and consent for SBT to advertise your stock overseas

Step 2

Website posting

Your stock will be posted on the SBT website and viewed by our customers around the world

Step 3

Sales negotiation

SBT sales agents will negotiate with the overseas customer

Step 4


SBT will view and purchase your vehicle. Your end customer will be SBT

Step 5


The vehicle will be collected from you, and export to the customer overseas will be arranged by SBT

Assured Service Provided

Rest assured, your stock cannot be viewed on SBT's website in your home country, advertising with us will not affect your domestic sales.

SBT will be your end customer. The sale will be invoiced to SBT, and you will receive full payment in your currency, just the same as any local sale.

SBT will be your end customer

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SBT lists vendors' inventory using information provided by vendor. Vendors agree to provide SBT accurate information, including disclosing known defects.

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What is SBT?

Establish in 1993. The industry's largest car exporter.Over 26 years of experience

SBT Co., Ltd.(SBT CO., LTD.)

Main office

Address & business hours

Yokohama Plaza Bldg. 10F, 2-6 Kinko-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa

Business content

Export and sale of automobiles

Business base

2 locations in Japan and 34 locations overseas * As of September 2022

Number of employees

238 in Japan, 1,111 overseas,1,349 people in total * As of February 2021

Secondhand dealer license number

Kanagawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission No. 452740600252

Corporate site

SBT Japan Address

Our Local Offices

United Kingdom - London SBT Office

SBT Motors (UK) Ltd Office

SBT Motors (UK) Ltd
4th Floor, 3 Shortlands
Hammersmith,London, W6 8DA

Germany - Hamburg SBT Office

SBT Germany GmbH
Poststraße.25, 20354 Hamburg